Schools need to act quickly.

Recent guidance from the EU makes clear that schools can access funding for their staff to improve their command of a modern foreign language, and of techniques to excite pupils to learn a second language. The closing date for applications for EU funding for school staff to undertake language and pedagogy short immersion courses in Europe in 2015/16/17 is 4th March 2015. Any schools which miss this closing date will have to wait until March 2016 to apply, and their programmes will not therefore commence until the academic year 2016/17.

The ‘Erasmus+’ programme replaced the Comenius funding, previously used to give school staff access to this important developmental experience.

Schools who get their applications completed by 4th March 2015 will potentially be able to access this training from Autumn 2015, supporting the teaching of a second modern foreign language in primary schools and increasing internationalism in secondary schools. ‘Our courses reinvigorate teaching of modern foreign languages, and other subjects, in primary and secondary settings’ said Alison McGregor, Director of ClaroGB. Staff attendance on these courses has formed part of school development plans, and has been a clear demonstration of schools’ commitment to the MFL agenda. ‘The application process can seem daunting, but we can help schools every step of the way to put forward strong applications to the EU so their staff can access this training at this critical time for MFL development.

To make sure your school, staff, and pupils don’t miss out, contact Alison McGregor on or at +44 7543 922 251.

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