“This has been the most valuable, fun experience I’ve ever had. It has given me a love of the country, its culture, the people and the language. I now have a real enthusiasm and drive to persevere and learn the language and pass that on to the children.” LK.

“The result of my trip was the massive impact it had on improving my level and confidence of speaking Spanish which in turn led to me now teaching the language at my school from Yr2 to Yr6.” BP.

“It is a fantastic experience, one of the best things I have ever done! It has got me really excited about teaching the language and about carrying on with it myself.” ED.

“The school was so welcoming and the children delightful.” GH.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to improve your language and inspire you to make language lessons great in school. This has been a fabulous, fantastic trip.” HB.

I would definitely recommend this course to others as I now feel more confident in my own ability to speak and teach the language, and I understand the culture better. The week has been very well organised with a variety of activities to suit everyone. JP

Fantastic experience. I loved every minute of it! I would definitely recommend the course to other people. It has been useful to be immersed in the culture and has helped increase my confidence in teaching the language back in Manchester. AG

I am really glad I came; met some great people and have learned a lot, building a lot of language confidence. CT

I really enjoyed all aspects of the trip. The language lessons have been really good and I plan on keeping up with it once I get back home. It has been a fab experience! Wish we had had longer. RS.

It has been a fantastic experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I feel I have come a long way this week and feel I can build on what I have learned. The cultural experiences have been wonderful, a good variety of activities. A well organised week. I have gained so much from it and would certainly recommend it to others. CB

The whole thing has been excellent. A great way to feel the culture, meet others and share ideas, whilst learning Spanish and visiting schools. MC

It’s an amazing experience which you will be talking about in years to come. SE

Definitely an intense week that has improved my confidence to use language skills and build upon these in the future. JM

Really liked all the game ideas, and the sharing of ideas with other members of the group. LW.

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