About Claro GB

ClaroGB is a company run by Alison McGregor, an experienced language teacher, and our courses are designed for schools with a passion for introducing or sustaining modern European languages in the curriculum. Alison takes a lead on our Spanish programme, and her colleague, Sheelagh Connolly, leads our French programme.

Accessing European Community funding, our immersion programmes will help you to improve your command of the language, whether you are a beginner or advanced speaker. They will give you access to lively and engaging methodologies to help you to excite students to learn a modern European language. Our programmes also give you a real taste of the culture in the home country of the language you are studying. Finally, you will meet a group of people just like yourself; passionate about languages who can support one another during the course and afterwards.

We will support you every step of the way; through the grant application process, booking your course and transport, and a member of our staff always accompanies our groups when they are abroad.

On completion of our programme you will get a certificate and access to materials which will help you when you return to the classroom.

Our company office is registered at 9 Gilwell Close, Warrington WA4 2YL and our company number is 08129881.

2 thoughts on “About Claro GB

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sandra!

      I have tried several times to reply to you via our email account but keep getting bounce backs.

      Can you mail me at our email account (info@claorbg.co.uk), and I can send you the information you need.

      Kindest regards

      Sheelagh Connolly

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